Lakeport Man Claims He Won The Lottery

A Lakeport man has come forward saying he is one of the five lucky winners in Saturday's 70 million dollar lottery.

We caught up with 69-year old Jimmie Boyd Tuesday at his daughter's house in Longview.

Boyd says buying the winning ticket was only an after thought.

He says he originially went into the Lakeport convience store to buy gas, went home and thought he should go back since the lottery was now up to 70-million.

Boyd didn't even check his ticket until Sunday night after a day at church.

"I looked at the first three numbers and I said oh I got the first three numbers what's going on here...Lord it can't be," says Boyd about finding out he had a winning ticket.

Boyd says the ticket has been verified by the lottery commission in Austin but he won't officially claim his prize until next week.

He says he plans to build himself a new house in Lakeport and take care of his children.

Boyd has already bought himself a new pick-up truck.