Better Business Bureau Warns Against Signs Claiming Quick Money At Home

They are alluring. Work from home.

Signs all over town promising you wealth while never having to leave your home.

You may have thought, why not call or log on to the website and find out.  After all the information is free .

The Better Business Bureau warns against it.

Harold Palmer with the BBB says, "so you make the call you get a recording never do you get an actual person.  Then they mail you this nice little brochure."

Once you get the first brochure it's filled only with testimonies from other people who claim they make up to $10 thousand a month.

At the back of the book you find another phone number. Once you call that number they still never tell you how to make money but they do tell you how to spend it.

The recording says, "you do have one final step to take and that is to review our work from home mail order package. We do charge a total of $45 which covers our cost of materials."

According to the better business bureau once you take that final step you find out the only way to make money is to buy and put out your own signs along the road with your own 1-800 number.  You never make a cent until someone else calls and purchases their own work from home mail order package.

"All the money is made by the recruitment of other people there is actually no product exchanging hands. There in lies the pyramiding type schemes," says Palmer.

In fact the Better Business Bureau says the only people actually getting rich are the people printing the testimonial booklets.