ETMC Jacksonville Completes Renovation

After two years and twenty million dollars in construction, the city of Jacksonville has a fully redesigned state-of-the-art medical facility. ETMC Jacksonville features more surgical suites and increased recovery rooms. The new ICU facility has more room for nurses and patients. Nurses understand that sometimes, little touches like windows can make a big difference in the mind set of patients who are in intensive care.

Nurse supervisor Monie Johnson sees the expansion as an economic boost for the area, as well. "If you don't have a good health care facility, you're not going to get more industry and people coming in. They're going to think they've got to go somewhere else for that."

The new facilities will allow the hospital to increase patient load by 30%, and will eventually result in more jobs in the area. The renovation is complete, and for the city of Jacksonville, they now have a facility they feel will completely serve their city. Nurse Estelle Kincaid said "I think we offer much the same as Tyler does, so for a lot of people this is a better solution for them to be able to come to a hospital that's closer."

ETMC Jacksonville opened in 1919 as Nan Travis Memorial Hospital. The new facility will not only have an open house this weekend, it will also receive a historical marker.