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Lots Of Restaurants And Lots Of Problems With Inspectors

3 Longview restaurants and 12 Smith County restaurants were hit with the most serious violations in the latest inspection period. In Longview, Fisherman's Market at 116 Johnston Street was inspected April 24th. Hot and cold foods were found at unsafe temperatures. Inspectors cited improper cooling of cooked and prepared foods, and foods were not properly stored and protected. Total demerits :18.

    Sonic at 1400 South High Street was inspected April 28th. Temperatures were found unsafe on hot and cold foods, and ready to eat foods were improperly handled. Total demerits : 18

    The Summit Club at 210 East Methvin was inspected May 2nd. Food contact surfaces were found unsanitary. Hot and cold foods were found at unsafe temperatures. Total demerits : 16

    In Tyler, Taqueria JR's on 3815 SSW Loop 323 inspected April 28. Cooked taco meat was not being held at the proper temperature. Employees were observed putting on gloves after handling raw food without washing their hands. Peppers, utensils and clothing were found in the prep sink. No paper towels were at the hand washing sink. No sanitizer was being used on food contact surfaces. Total demerits: 31

  At Arroyo Grande on 9386 FM 14 in Smith county, Raw brisket, milk, salsa, chicken soup, pork, and cooked rice all had to be thrown away. Foods in the cooler weren't at the proper temperature and the BBQ beef wasn't warm enough. Employees were seen handling ready to eat food with bare hands. No hand washing soap was available at the hand washing sink. And there was no sanitizing rinse at the 3-bay sink. Total demerits: 30

   Taqueria El Paisano Perez on 1816 East Gentry in Tyler was inspected April 24.  Cooked foods weren't being cooled properly. Crates of eggs were not from an approved source. The 3-bay sink was being improperly used. Food wasn't being held at the proper temperature. Dead roaches and their droppings were found behind the 3-bay sink. Rodent droppings were observed beneath the drink cooler. Total demerits: 27  

     Peking Chinese on 1021 East Fifth was inspected April 23. Cooked chicken was not being held at the proper temperature. An employee was observed not following proper hand washing procedure. Egg rolls in the cooler were not properly labeled. No paper towels in the hand-washing sink. Dish machine wasn't properly sanitizing. Food contact surfaces were also unsanitary. Total demerits: 27  

     In Lindale, Eastern Buffet at 3222 S. Main was inspected April 17. Food was being prepared in the dishwashing sink. And dishes were being washed in the food prep sink. Roaches were found in the plastic wrap near the grill area. Sushi and rice weren't labeled with proper prep times. A plastic cap was found inside sauce and raw foods weren't being properly stored. Employee seen handling food improperly. Total demerits: 27

   In Whitehouse,  South Lake Grill at 18183 Concession Road was inspected April 25. The white gravy and the cream sauce needed to be a few degrees warmer. Employee was observed violating hand washing procedure. Raw chicken was stored above raw beef and raw shrimp was above ready-to-eat food. Mouse droppings were found in the storage room. Total demerits: 26.

   In Tyler, Sonic #701 2501 West Gentry inspected May 1.  Managers were observed violating hand washing procedure along with the other employees. Food items weren't being stored properly. The entire establishment needed a thorough cleaning. The dumpster and grease trap area needed to be degreased. Several food contact surfaces needed to be cleaned. Total demerits: 23

 Lindo Mexico at 2410 East Gentry was inspected April 28.  The storage area and kitchen needed a thorough cleaning. Employees were seen handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands. Raw eggs were stored above raw beef. A bucket of salsa was on the floor then placed on food contact surfaces. Cooked food was not properly labeled with dates and times of preparation. Food contact surfaces needed to be sanitized. Total demerits: 23

   The Dairy Queen #6 310 South Main in Lindale was inspected April 30. An employee was seen violating hand washing procedure. An employee was seen handling food with bare hands. Dead roaches were found under the hand washing sink. There wasn't a current certified food manager certificate available. Molds were found on the drain lines of the drink machine. Food contact surfaces needed cleaning. Total demerits: 23

    Church's Chicken on 404 North Highway 110 in Whitehouse was inspected April 30.  The spicy chicken heat lamp wasn't keeping the heat up. Dented cans of jalapeno's needed to be discarded. Raw chicken was being thawed in the 3-bay sink. Rusty racks over 3-bay sink were not suitable for utensil storage. Total demerits: 19

    In Tyler Ken's Pizza #2 at 4500 South Broadway was inspected April 24.  Pizza on buffet line wasn't at the proper temp. Cold foods were too warm. Food surfaces weren't being properly sanitized. Total demerits: 16

   El Quatro 3841 on West Erwin was inspected April 24.  Employee was seen violating food handling procedure. Desserts were handled by employees with bare hands. Chili's, chicken, tamales and chimis weren't properly labeled with dates. Total demerits: 15

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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