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Winnsboro Family Escapes Crushed Home

  A Winnsboro firefighter is thankful that he and his family are alive today after a huge tree crashes into his home. During the storms last night, a tree fell on the firefighter's home, which is on the 400 block of North Post Oak. Assessing the damage to his home today, Winnsboro firefighter Ruben Purcell feels extremely lucky that he and his family are alive.

     "I think it was the wind that woke me up I looked out my bedroom window. Wind was blowing pretty hard so I got the wife up and the baby up put them in the bathroom" says Purcell.

      What he heard next he says made an uneasy feeling come over him.

    "About that time is when things started popping and cracking" he says.

    Then Purcell says he was hit with a strong sense of danger. His instinct took over , and in a split second made a decision to get his family out and just in time.

     "I pushed my wife out of the bathroom into the hallway when the tree fell on the house, it was just milli-seconds".

   And seconds later a huge tree crashes through his bedroom and bathroom. The very spot they were standing, leaving him with one thought.

   "If I really believe if I don't make that move that my wife and my child are probably dead" says Ruben.

     Ruben injured his hand pulling his wife and child to safety, but says it's a small price to pay. He doesn't know exactly what made him do what he did, but he's thankful he is alive to think about it.

    "That's all that matters" Ruben says.

   Ruben Purcell and his fellow firefighters were up all night, helping the victims of the storms. Purcell lost most of his family's clothes and bedroom furniture in the damage. And if you'd like to help the family, you're asked to call the Winnsboro Fire Department.

   Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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