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Homeowner Battles Giant Sinkhole

Mike Anderson said over the past several months he has seen part of his yard slowly wash away.

"There's green grass in there from my yard that just went in this week," he said.  

Mike said he's stuck between a nearly a 4-foot-wide, by 8-foot-deep sinkhole and a hard place.

"The city claims no responsibility for the hole, and the home owners association is blaming the city, saying it's their fault."

Doug Scroggins, a board member of the Brittain Court Home Owner's Association, said the city has already repaired a similar hole.  He doesn't understand why they won't fix this one. 

"They've been to this hole twice and filled it with dirt," he said.

He said his neighborhood's drainage easements were dedicated to the city, so the city, not the HOA, should address the problem.

But in a letter, Ronny Fite, Whitehouse City Manager, writes: "The city maintains water and sanitary sewer mains only." 

Fite said city ordinance places responsibility on the home owners association.

"It would take an amendment to the annexation ordinance before the City of Whitehouse can come in there and do any repairs to the storm drain,"

And the longer it takes, more issues could arise.

Anderson and Scroggins said school buses and garbage trucks driving over the road could be public safety issue. 

"If it were to cave in, somebody is going to get injured," said Scroggins.

It's an issue they want to avoid, and hopefully a resolution will not be stuck in the mud.

The city manager told KLTV he sympathizes with Mr. Anderson.  He said the homeowner can submit a written request to the city in order for the council to consider making those repairs. 

Layron Livingston, Reporting.   llivingston@kltv.com

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