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Damage And Delays Across Winnsboro Due To Storms

Winnsboro resident Emily Moore awoke to the wind howling last night.

"It was a scary night," said Emily "The first thing that popped into my head was my kids. So I went and got them and went to the living room. I went to the front door and looked outside. I couldn't even see the school it was raining so hard. Then it sounded like a shot gun going off. It was pretty devastating."

Haley Rogers, Emily's daughter, age 14, said, "I heard a bunch of explosions. My mom said transformers were going off. Lots of lightening, a bunch of rain."

As quickly as the storm came, it went. It left damage across the city including huge trees completely uprooted

"The first thing I thought was that the tree had come down. It felt a little like an earthquake. The house shook," said Will Harrison.

In the yard of Will and Nancy Harrison the tree fell. They woke up as it crashed into part of their house, and onto their truck sitting in the driveway.

"Everything that happened can be replaced. We are so thankful," said Will Harrison.

"Praise God everyone was okay," said Nancy Harrison.

Winnsboro ISD schools started 2 hours late on Thursday because of electricity problems. 

"The kids were going to PE and library at a different time than normally would," said Kristie Amason, Elementary School Principal.

Amason said everything is now back to normal at school. The only lasting damage was on the outside of the building.

"Out in the back we had the awnings for our field day set up but they are gone. Poles that held them up are twisted and bent," said Amason.

Across the city cleanup begins, and residents told us that they are thankful it wasn't much worse.

"We are very blessed," said Will Harrison.

The National Weather Service was in Winnsboro surveying the damage, but no official report has been made.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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