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5/14/2008-Smith County

Lack Of Street Signs Delay Emergency Personnel

The call came in just after 8a.m. Bullard volunteer fire department driver Justin Walker got the call to respond to a house fire from a possible lightening strike. Bullard was helping respond because Flint Gresham was on another call. 

"They asked us to handle that call for him," said Walker, "He handed me the map. It showed me the northern part of Craft Lane. That's the four way stop there. The road we are looking for is actually off the page there."

The road they needed to find was not on his map, plus when they got in the neighborhood there were no street signs.

"It's very frustrating. It ended up with me stopping in the middle of the street. There was some difficulty locating the resident," said Walker, "Thank goodness there was a Smith County Sheriff Deputy there to control the fire with a garden hose. He kept it contained until were able to arrive."

That deputy relayed to dispatch where the house was. The Bullard Volunteer Fire Department arrived around 8:20a.m.. Walker estimated the delay a little more than five minutes, which may not seem like much, but is an eternity to them.

"It could be a very hazardous situation," said Walker, "This is actually a growing problem. A growing pain for the county."

"I have personally emailed several times commissioners," said Rebecca Luke, concerned neighbor of Star Canyon.

Luke lives just two doors down and says Wednesday's fire is the reason she is fighting to get street signs. 

"It's not for any other purpose than the safety of our children and the elderly people who live here. You just never know when someone can happen. We need emergency personnel to be able to find us. As a taxpayer we deserve that right," said Luke.

These homeowners say it's scary but feel blessed no one was injured.

We've been told the county is planning on discussing this issue in Commissioners Court Thursday June 12th.

Danielle Capper, Reporting


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