East Texas Hospitals Come To the Rescue

East Texas Medical Center's flight paramedic, Charlie Meyer returned from what he says is one of the worst accidents he's seen. He brought back 17 year old Heather Hardesty, "We were there probably ten minutes." Meyer explains. "The triage was done well. The patients were going to the appropriate facilities to be treated."

Some of those appropriate facilities are right here in Tyler. With a level one trauma unit at ETMC and doctors who've seen these kinds of injuries before, "Our resources were somewhat stretched." Tells Dr. Bill Moore of ETMC. "We had 15 ambulances from our system at the scene and there were two of copters."

Trinity Mother Frances ended up with two more patients. One a 17 year old boy immediately taken into emergency surgery. And a 14 year old girl. "We were well staffed down stairs," explains John Mantalto of Mother Frances. "We had plenty of ICU beds. The operating room was notified and the director of the operating room was in conference with me about the type of injuries, and we were well prepared."

Because they're able to prevent overload at the Dallas hospitals...ultimately all the patients involved are on a better road to recovery.

We're happy to report a 14 year old girl at Trinity Mother Frances has been. The other two victims: 17 year old Heather Hardesty is listed in critical condition at ETMC. She has damage to her spleen and internal bleeding. And a 17 year old boy--who's at Trinity Mother Frances is also listed in critical... He underwent several hours of surgery.