Canton Opens Doors, Hearts To Victims of Bus Crash

The bus involved in the fatal wreck Monday was not the only bus on the road carrying children from the Metro Church of Garland. Another bus had already past the intersection where the accident occurred.

That second bus was diverted into Canton, where after a brief stop at the justice center, a suitable location to house the children was found. Even though the children were not directly a part of the wreck, they were stunned at what had happened to their friends and classmates.

Pastor Tim Watson of the First Baptist Church of Canton opened the doors of his church to the children. "Most of them are still in shock," Watson said. "What we can do as ministers and as a community is just be there in presence, be there just to listen."

As word got out in the community, over sixty people from the Canton area made their way to the church to volunteer their time. Some helped with lunch, some with counseling, but all came out to give whatever they could to help the children.

The bus left at noon, while the children stayed inside the church, waiting on family to drive down from the Metroplex and pick them up. Community volunteers stayed the day with them, doing whatever they could to help.