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05/12/08- LaKe Cherokee

East Texas Car Owner Saves Fuel With Smart Fun Car

Lynne Souerbry loves her "smart fortwo" passion coup by Mercedes- Benz.  "I love my car and I haven't regretted  buying it for one moment,"said Souerbry.

 In fact, Souerbry wanted it so bad, she signed her name on a waiting list at a Dallas auto dealership, just for the chance to buy the nearly $14,000 car with a eight gallon tank.

 "I just saw the car--and I thought I want one of those. They just look fun. I've been getting about 38 miles per gallon," said Souerbry. Now, with a small car like this, you may wonder is it safe in an accident? Some crash test have proven the fortwo to hold up just as well to other vehicles. 

"I feel very safe in my smartwo. It has airbags on the side and airbags in the front.  I'm very careful where I drive and how I drive. I always have my lights on and I always make sure that a semi- truck on I-20 knows that I'm there," said Souerbry.

As for hitting the road, Souerbry and her husband  Fred drive the fortwo a lot, but they wouldn't go too far. "It would be difficult for us to take our smart car across the country. It could be done but I'm not going to try and do it," said Souerbry. 

 No matter how far they go, Lynne and her husband are already getting plenty of attention.   

"I can be at a stop light and drivers will honk their horn and I'll look up and they'll say, "Hey great car! or what's the gas mileage?"

 In the end, it's not the reaction that Lynne gets-- it's the way her car makes her feel.  

"When I get inside my smart fortwo car, I just feel like it's going to be a good day."

LaKeica Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com

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