Power of Prayer: Carole Foote

Sitting at the table with Carol Foote is like a breath of fresh air. She is a person who loves life. She is also a person who is dying.

"You know how they hate to give you a time line," says Carol. "I said okay but I need to know a little bit. And she said if you're asking me if you'll be here in five years the answer is no. And its probably a lot less than that because it is progressing quite rapidly."

Last Thanksgiving Carol was diagnosed with colon cancer.  It has spread to her liver and lymph nodes. It is not her first bought with the disease. A decade ago she fought and won a battle with breast cancer. Now she knows why.

"Its amazing, God just prepares you ahead of time and I was prepared," believes Carol. "So this time...like when I was diagnosed I came home and after I cried, you cry of course, I said okay Lord this is second chapter same verse. You know, here we go again and I said just help me go through this."

When you walk into Carol's dining room and it's easy to see her passion is tea cups. They are everywhere. Taking time for tea...and life in generally has become her new perspective on living.

"You know I have learned house work, hey what the heck. Its not important anymore. So I try each day, okay Lord what is important today. It can be as simple as just going out to lunch with a friend. Or reading a book. It doesn't have to be anything fantastic but just let that day count," says Carol.  "Have I left anything undone for the day. If I offended anybody. Like the other day I got real upset with the pharmacist because my medicines were not ready, because you know I'm human. But I had go back and apologize to him because knowing that today could be my last day I don't want anything undone."

Carol says when you realize the next day could really be your last, everything changes. You've always known God was there and prayer was important, but now she cannot imagine life without it.

"I don't know how you get through it. Cause He is daily there you know. From days when I am really down, I've got so many friends that praying for me and I just feel them lift me up. So to go through it without God I just can't imagine it because I rely on Him daily to help me smile, to help me not to be down, to help me live with the pain.

Carol is about to have her first grand baby. She just finished a quilt to give him as a reminder of a grandmother he may never know. Preparing for death is a part of life for Carol now...but so is a prayer of hope that she will be cured.

"And so you walk that fine line...and so lots of times I pray Lord help me today to rely on Your hope for the future but also face the realty of the things I need to do today. And so that is a lot of my prayer of how to balance that because because if you stay on that one side you get real down and if you get on the other side you get so unrealistic that you don't do the things that need to be done."

Something not so easily done says Carol, except through the power of prayer.

Clint Yeatts, KLTV 7 News.