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A Better East Texas: Lying

Recently an East Texas woman accused country music star Miranda Lambert of assault. When it turned out she lied about the incident, it got me thinking. What's going on here? First, we saw an Athens teenager claim she was attacked over an immigration poster she made in class.

Later, she was caught on tape inflicting the wounds on herself. Then, Hillary Clinton repeatedly told the story of dangerous sniper fire in Bosnia back when she was first lady. Soon the video tape surfaced, proving her story a lie. It seems lying is epidemic - from celebrities like Michael Vick and Martha Stewart.

And who can forget the woman who claimed to find a finger in her Wendy's chili? So what kind of impact do these incidents have on young people? They are being overwhelmed by a culture of lying, in the media, on reality TV shows, even in our own community. We're sending a message that lying is "cool". It gets you attention - even if it's just your 15 minutes of fame. As East Texans we need to take a stand.

Let's expose those who lie and reprimand, not glorify their behavior. But most importantly, let's recognize those who exemplify truthfulness, honesty and integrity. Let's make being a good person "cool" again, and together we'll make this a better East Texas.

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