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Tyler - 5/4/2008

Power of Prayer: Ann Miller

"Cancer never crossed my mind. I had basically been a healthy person, full of energy-whatever I had I just handled and kept going," says cancer survivor Ann Miller.

Last June Ann was feeling a little down...but she never expected the news delivered by her doctor one night that she had Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.  And that her life could soon come to an end.

"But I didn't realize, I just didn't realize...I think that is the way God gives you of coping or handling at the time just what I was facing," says Ann. 

"Until it is you there is just no way you can describe it," says Ann's husband Larry Miller. "Devastating doesn't even come close for me. Can't swallow, feel like your gonna pass out. You know you wonder if your heart is going to keep beating."

Ann and husband Larry have always considered themselves faithful people. Devoted to their God and each other for more than 30 years. But this would test their faith like nothing else in their life.

"I've always considered myself to be a pretty strong person, physically, emotionally, spiritually for quite a number of years," says Larry.  "When these kind of things come on you realize that your are not strong at all. You are very weak. And sometimes I think God wants us to realize our weakness so we can recognize His strength."

And His strength, the Millers say, could be felt through the prayers of so many others and the way God had provided.  Years before the cancer they had decided to sacrificially support Danny and Sue Jaynes. Friends who accepted a call to the missionary field in Africa. The tables turned when Larry turned to his friend to call on missionaries around the world to pray for his wife.

"And because of our willingness to sacrifice for others He had others sacrifice for us. And He honored that sacrifice," believes Larry.  "He honored those prayers and that fasting and all those thousands of people believing Him for a miracle. And He came across with that miracle and I'll always praise Him for it."

"But the power of prayer, when we began to get emails from around the world that people were not only praying for us, they were fasting we just said Oh God!. We know You are there and we know that You are listening.  So the power becomes greater as your faith grows. Faith can't grow if you don't have any tough times,"  says Ann.

Its pretty obvious to see how this story ends. Ann survived a cancer most women do not. Expected to go through several rounds of chemo after surgery...One round and doctors discovered the cancer was gone. Today she's back on the treadmill, in a rehab program for cancer survivors called Step for Life.

But the steps that she and Larry have taken in spiritual walk together pale in comparison.

Their lives together have been changed forever. And they say it is all because of the power of prayer.

"But the power of prayer is one that just it overwhelms you. It makes you know how little you are. And how helpless you are and how big...big of a God and you are just one tiny little part of His creation. That He takes the time to care about you. And He tells us to pray and He tells us to ask but when He steps in and does something so big in your life as giving back your life when He didn't have to do that...He didn't have to do that He," says Ann.

"And you learn that every day that God gives you a new day and especially with the one you love most. That you are the riches person on the face of the earth," says Larry.  "From this point on no matter what comes our way I always know that God is in charge and that God can get'er done."

Clint Yeatts, KLTV 7 News

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