Daredevil for God Displays his Message at Longview Church

A motorcycle thrill show was held at the Longview Baptist Temple on Sunday, but the display in the parking lot is part of bringing the gospel to young people.

27 year old North Carolinian Todd Bennick is a professional motocross rider, and he's also a Christian. Bennick tours the country performing and then giving his testimony to young people.

He thrilled over a thousand spectators Sunday by making several jumps over 7 buses.  Bennick is a big hit with kids often doling out autographs, but isn't done yet. He's attempting a bigger jump coming in two days. What Bennick intends to do on Tuesday is to make a jump of over 100 feet clearing 10 buses and successfully landing on the other side.

The daredevil hopes that his performances inspire some young people to faith, and he will continue to change the way we look at Sunday services.