Generations Gather For 150th Anniversary of Arp Cemetery

It was a day for patriotism, for prayer, for gathering with loved ones. A day to celebrate history and reaffirm the beliefs that the families of Ebenezer cemetery hold, too.

Multiple generations gathered in Arp to celebrate the cemetery's hundred and fiftieth anniversary, and to honor family past and present. Drew Landes said, "Our kids are pretty well named after someone who's buried here with the family line. It's really important for us to have them out here to experience that, and to learn the history of their families."

The cemetery's business manager is ninety-two year old Clara Arnold. Clara has been coming here all of her life. She remembers when, "I came out here in a wagon with my mother and daddy, and that was in nineteen and fifteen."

Clara comes for the same reason everyone else does. They meet to celebrate, to visit with friends and relatives, and to pass down stories, leaving an oral legacy for the following generations.

It's just a family gathering that happens once a year, but to the families of Ebenezer Cemetery, it's a day that's vital for the future. "When you see two or three generations," Clara Arnold said, "you feel like those young ones will be interested and take care of it in later days."