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05/09/08- Upshur County

Feral Hogs Intrude Upshur County Landowner's Property

For years A.D. Varner and his brother, Rex have trapped hogs in Upshur County. "From mid-winter to now I've caught five or six hogs in my trap pin. They're very aggressive once they get trapped in that pin. I believe that would eat a person up," said Varner.

So, what does Varner use for bait to lure feral hogs?  "Jello--Jello powder is one of my main baits," said Varner.  

Surveillance video taken from a camera in the woods of Upshur county shows just how many hogs are taking over the county's land. Landowners have videoed more than two dozens hogs at a time uprooting land and destroying what they can. 

Mary Rose Campbell works in the the Texas Agriculture Life Extension service office in Upshur County. Lately, her phones have been ringing off the hock, about hog intruders. 

"I'm getting two to three calls a week on these feral hogs. People call them wild hogs and they are. This is the worst year Upshur County has had with the hogs," said Campbell. 

Hog Hunter John Finney says he knows why Upshur is seeing more hogs than ever.

"It's because of urban interface. People throw a house up anywhere they can find a piece of land, and that pushes your animals-- such as hogs out."

 Hunter Jimmy Caughron loves to hunt hogs and says he has a solution for landowners? 

 "All landowners have to do is give hunters permission to come on their property to take care of it. It won't cost them nothing."

As for A.D. and Rex Varner they say hogs aren't all that bad. "Hogs are good eatin'. Once they're fixed right, they are pretty good," said Varner.

The State Legislature has awarded $1 million to help eliminate feral hogs.

The money will be used by Agents within Texas Agriculture Wildlife services Division to try and eradicate hogs.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com.

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