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There's More To Prop 10 Than Paperwork and UniCards

It's a proposition that changes the way alcohol is sold in Tyler and Saturday, you have a chance to vote on it. Proposition 10 will allow restaurants to sell you a beer or mixed beverage without having to swipe your ID or feel out a Unicard. But, there are some other changes that many of us didn't know about. KLTV 7's Tracy Watler walks us through them.

To drink or not to drink is not the question. It's how you want that drink sold to you.  On the ballot, you'll vote for or against "the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only."

"What it will do is legalize the sale of alcoholic beverages only in restaurants that hold a food and beverage certificate so it won't legalize bars or liquor stores or alcoholic beverages in convenient stores or grocery stores," says Carolyn Beck, Public Information Office for the TABC.

Papacita's Restaurant owner Roger Lumley hopes you'll be checking the "for" box.

"We're not encouraging drinking, we're not encouraging underage drinking.  We're just trying to change that cloudy, bureaucratic mess and make it a little plainer," he says.

For him, it's about cutting down on all the paperwork and saving thousands of dollars.  For you, it's not having to swipe your ID every time you buy a drink.  But there's more--Tyler would no longer be considered "dry."  

"Which means the restrictions against advertising for any type of alcoholic beverage and transportation of alcoholic beverage will no longer apply within the city limits of Tyler," Beck explains.

And that means you could be seeing alcohol advertisements on billboards and beer company trucks delivering alcohol directly to restaurants.

"That might be a concern to some people, but it's really not an issue.  The bars and clubs in Tyler are still under the private club status," Lumley says.

So while a "yes" or "no" vote won't stop the flow of alcohol in Tyler, getting "carded" could soon mean just showing your ID.

 Polls open Saturday from 7am to 7pm, at your usual polling location.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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