Ice Cream Minus the Carbs Spells Sweetness for some Diabetics

Picking up a pint of ice cream used to be for other people, not for Becky Norris, a diabetic of eight years.

"When I was diagnosed with diabetes I more or less gave up all sugar or as much sugar as I can get rid of," says Becky Norris. "You more or less give up any kind of desert."

During her eight year struggle with diabetes, Becky tried the no-sugar and low-sugar ice creams on the market, but to no avail.

"I had an intolerance for the sweeteners that are used in some of the ice creams that are sugar free, so up until now I couldn't eat them," says Norris. Until Le Carb also sold as Lo Carb was born. Goldenbrook farms in Tyler set out to make a frozen, creamy dessert for diabetics and low Carb dieters without raising their blood sugar.

In addition to servicing kids with A.D.D. on low sugar diets.

"The products that are out there now are all high carbohydrate," says Fred Calvert, Sr. VP manufacturing with Brookshire Grocery Co.  "Although they may be no sugar added or no fat or low fat there wasn't a product out there that was low carbohydrate, had fat and tasted good."

If you look at the nutrition facts in low or Le Carb it has only three carbs and three sugars. Compare that to normal ice cream. It has 22 carbs and 20 sugars. Le Carb creators say Splenda not only sweetened their ice cream, but also their success.

"Splenda is not an alcohol sugar like some of the sweeteners out there so it doesn't cause any gastrointestinal disturbance," says Calvert. "These ice creams especially vanilla remind me of homemade ice creams like my momma and daddy used to make, so i really enjoy it," says Becky Norris.

The new Le Carb fills Becky's craving for sweets, while keeping her diabetes under control.