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5/08/08 - Tyler

For Patriots, It's the Chants of a Lifetime

In softball, sometimes the most impressive thing on the field is coming from the dugout. Teams like UT Tyler rely on long, imaginative cheers and chants to pump up their team.

"You just have to be loud," Patriots outfielder Courtney Carrizales said. "You have to have fun out here, that's the main thing. If you're not having fun, then what are you out here for?"

"As long as you're in the game and yelling for your teammate, it doesn't get any better," agrees pitcher Loren Parks. "It's all about the mojo."

UT Tyler has taken that chatter to an art form, with chants, cheers, and victory dances, all designed to get the Patriots pumped up and the other team confused.

"Very important," Patriots designated player Roo Richardson explained. "You've got to be loud constantly, it's just mojo. If you're not loud and something happens it might be your fault."

"We try to be as annoying as we can be," admits Carrizales. "It keeps everyone pumped."

The Patriots' spirit has placed them in the national top ten, but just like in the game if things aren't going your way, they change the momentum.

If something's not working, you've got to just cut it off," Richardson said. "You go on to something else."

"There's not a lot of people you can walk around with yelling chants for," Parks said. "It's just something special about this team, we've got a lot of spirit."

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