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5/08/08- Smith County

Washed-Out Road Limits Service To Some East Texans

Some East Texans said the only way to their home has literally washed-away from rain, and they're finding no help getting it fixed. The road is located off Old Omen Road in Smith County. It's the Arp Club Lake Road and that's where KLTV 7's Courtney Lane went Thursday.

"You can't get trash pickup, school buses won't come up the road," said resident Kim Spears. 

Those who live along Arp Club Lake Road said last year's rains washed away so much, it's nearly impossible to get through.

"It gets so washed out that people slide off," said resident Mike Sylvester. "I've pulled a couple people out."

"One lady got stuck down there at a 45 degree angle and we had to get 2 tractors down there just to pull her out," said resident Stephen Ihlenfeldt.

Residents said they really worry at the thought of a serious emergency.

"I have 6 kids that play on this property that live here and other neighborhood kids," said Ihlenfeldt.  "If anyone was to get hurt accidentally the ambulances are not coming up this road, we've already been informed that an ambulance would not come up this road."

"When it rains it's terrible and every bit of this is washing right into Lake Tyler East," said Sylvester. 

"There's usually every bit of 6 inches to a foot of water each time it rains," said Ihlenfeldt. 

Smith County Commissioners and the Road And Bridge Department returned our calls saying the problem is out of their hands because it's a private road. That puts maintenance and repair in the homeowners' hands. But homeowners said money they've already spent goes right out the window.

"We buy rock, we bring in dirt, and it gets washed away," said Ihlenfeldt.

"All the gravel that you see on it right now, I paid for that myself," said Sylvester.

Some said they're willing to pay higher taxes, as that would be cheaper in the long run than paying for car repair.

One resident said a contractor could repair the road, but it would cost about $20,000.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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