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Signless Neighborhood Has Residents Not Knowing Where To Turn

It's an inconvenience that some East Texans say could put them in jeopardy in an emergency. Folks in the Star Canyon Subdivision in Smith County say if they had to call an ambulance, they're not sure emergency crews could find them. In a 7 On Your Side Investigation, KLTV 7's Tracy Watler tries to answer why this neighborhood has gotten lost in the mix.

It looks like any other neighborhood, until you look closely - something's missing.

"No street signs.  We've definitely had some problems with deliveries reaching the right house, getting to the correct location," says concerned homeowner Ryon Gross.

If you Google "Ruggles Drive" and "Antelope Court" it's easy enough to find on a map but once you get there, it's a different story. That's because there is actually no street signs at the intersection.

"We noticed, but we were here early in the neighborhood so we just figured it was something that would get resolved, you know, shortly or eventually," says homeowner Paulette Ditto.

But she was wrong.  A year and a half later, her subdivision still has no street signs -- an inconvenience, she says, but more importantly a safety issue.

"We're worried if there is an emergency, emergency personnel will be delayed finding the proper house and that's something nobody wants," she says.

Developer Perry Hall says the roads passed inspection when they were first made and now, it's in the county's hands to provide signs.

"We feel like we've done everything that we know to do or can do and this merely falls on the back of the county to step up to the plate and do what they're supposed to do," he explains.

But the county says that's not the case. Commissioner JoAnn Fleming told us the county hasn't accepted the roads and they won't until a county inspector looks at them first to make sure they are in good condition.

"We're stuck in the middle, and we don't know where to turn," Gross goes on to say.

And it looks like until some sort of agreement is made these neighbors will continue not knowing where to turn, literally, thanks to their signless streets.

Commissioner Fleming says they plan on discussing this situation, and dozens like it, in Executive Session at Monday's commissioner meeting.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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