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05/08/08 - Tyler

Guilty Verdict Handed Down In Shauntel Mayo Case

Shauntel Mayo in court yesterday. Shauntel Mayo in court yesterday.
Shauntel Mayo's mugshot. Shauntel Mayo's mugshot.

After hearing testimony from children involved in the case yesterday, and after only six minutes of deliberation, a Smith County jury has found Shauntel Mayo, 29, guilty on 2 counts of sexual assualt of a child and 1 count of organized crime today - all the counts brought agaist her.

Mayo was part of a group of adults in Mineola who started a child sex club and both molested multiple young children repeatedly, and caused them to be molested by other adults.

The children were forced to learn to dance and perform sexual acts with each other and other adults involved in the 'club'. They were also given drugs, threatened with starvation, and beaten over the course of a few years.

The children are now in foster care in other counties.

One person, Jamie Pittman, has already been found guilty in the case, and four others are awaiting trial.

The sentencing phase of this trial is now beginning. The jury will make recommendations to the judge as to what they believe an appropriate sentence is, and the judge will then sentence Mayo - probably this afternoon. 

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.

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