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Kids Testify Again In Mineola Child Sex Ring Trial

The children involved were as young five years old when these incidents happened.

"When all this was happening, were you afraid to talk about it?," asked Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy. The victim answered "Yes." "Why?" Murphy asked. "Because they threatened that they would find me and they would kill me," said the victim.

The children were nervous about being on the stand, but they were very brave. Each had the same story.

"When you were at kindergarten did you have to do things you didn't like?," asked Murphy. "Yes," answered the victim. "Did you have to play with dolls?," asked Murphy, "Yes," he answered. "What parts of the dolls would you touch?," asked Murphy. "Private parts," said the victim, now age 9.

Threatened with starvation, the children were exploited for profit night after night in front of a room full of people.

"Was Shauntel there when you danced?," asked Murphy. "Yes," said the victim. "Did you get to keep the money?," asked Murphy. "No," he answered. "What did you get for dancing?," asked Murphy. "We only got our dinner," he replied after a long pause.

While the children testified, Shauntel broke down in tears.

After the children testified, their foster mother took the stand describing the children as they are now.

"Beautiful, awesome, broken - but they are healing," said Margaret Cantrell. 

The defense will present its case first thing Thursday morning.  Shauntel Mayo is facing three charges in this trial but has seven total charges against her. The maximum sentence Mayo could face for any of these charges is life in prison.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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