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05/07/08 - Denver

Democratic Convention Tension Coming

If neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton can clinch the Democratic nomination in the primaries, it could all come down to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Not a brokered convention - but a contested convention.

Think Carter-Kennedy in 1980, when young Teddy took on incumbent Jimmy. The Kennedy forces challenged the rules and picked dozens of fights, trying to sway the delegates.

Could this year's convention be as divisive and unpredictable?

From the credentials committee that approves delegations, to the rules and platform committees - they could all be battlegrounds. On day one in Denver, the very first fight could be whether to ratify or reject the contested Michigan and Florida delegations. The outcome could tip the balance.

But fights could go on past that. In the platform committee, for example: to flex muscle and force debate out onto the convention floor. Those primetime TV speeches could get pushed aside by angry debates over procedure and politics.

It'll be hardball for any wavering super delegates, but even the pledged delegates are, by party rule, bound only by 'good conscience'. So they could flip, or abstain, if they decided (for example) that Obama couldn't win, or that Clinton was a danger to party unity.

Emotional issues of race, gender, party disunity - a made for television spectacular. If all else fails, someone else could even offer to run. Now, who might that be?

Video and pictures courtesy of CNN Newsource.

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