East Texan Takes Presidents Fitness Campaign to Heart

President Bush's "Get Fit" message traveled across America Thursday.

East Texan Margaret Seybert knows first hand that his message is a positive one.

Margaret started going to Woodcreek Athletic Club several months ago. She was having trouble following her grand-children around without losing breath and knew a change was needed.

"My first goal is to walk up the stairs out front, and be able to come in and do something...instead of walking up the stairs out front and sitting down, because I can't do anything," said Margaret.

Luckily, she ran into trainer Valerie Wallace and they've been inseparable ever since.

Margaret may have overcome her own fears about going to the gym, but she's now a minority. Studies show only 3 out of 10 adults in America make exercise part of their life

The government says if people would just exercise 30 minutes a day it would save them billions of dollars in health care expenses and people's lives.

"Eighty percent of the people most doctors see have problems that are related to obesity type diseases like cardiovascular disease, or type 2 diabetes and hypertension," said Kelly Hitchcock, personal trainer at K. H. Fitness. "These are all things that are all preventable."

And if exercise is the invisible cure for future health problems, Margaret says she's already heading in the right direction.

"I decided you know it's really worth it for me. I've got two grand babies, I've got three children and I want see my grand babies grow up... If I don't do something now, then sooner or later I won't be able to do anything.