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Dash-Cam Video Played During Athens Capital Murder Trial

The video came from the dash-cam of Deputy Billy Jack Valentine's patrol car--he was the first deputy to arrive to the Mays home last May.  He was also first to testify, Tuesday morning. 

The video didn't show much, but you could hear the intense struggle between several deputies and the defendant, Randall Mays.

Monday, Mays broke down, crying during witness testimony. Tuesday, it was spectators and family members of those slain deputies' who were overwhelmed with emotions.

On the tape, you clearly heard the deputies as they responded to the Mays home after a disturbance call.  Moments later, it all went wrong.

Off camera, Mays escaped back into his home, and several minutes later, the sound of two gunshots ring out--the shots that killed deputies Tony Ogburn and Paul Habelt.

More testimony is expected Wednesday in the trial. 

A toxicologist also testified in court Tuesday.  James Burris, a DPS forensic scientist, said Mays' blood was tested after the shooting, Mays was under no influence of alcohol or drugs on the afternoon of the shooting.

Layron Livingston, Reporting  llivingston@kltv.com


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