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A Better East Texas: Gilmer Bible Class

Recently the Gilmer school district approved a plan to offer a study of the Bible as a class for Juniors and Seniors.  I commend the school board for making this decision.  The class will be offered as an elective and will be taught from an academic and not a devotional perspective.  But it will bring to the Gilmer campus an opportunity for students dive into the Bible in a classroom setting. 

 The instructor is excited about the class and that will, no doubt, generate excitement in the students as well.  I know that there are other school districts that offer similar classes, but I would hope that others, who don't, will take notice. 

 This is a chance for the young citizens in Gilmer to learn from the Bible and consider the historical and moral impact of it.  The spiritual thread cannot be ignored, and while the curriculum is not going to proselytize or convert anyone, there is little doubt that there will be discussion on all issues. 

 In this day when all we seem to hear about are budget cutbacks and reductions in what our students are offered, it is great to have a school district like Gilmer step up and expand their class offering while ultimately expanding their student's education - and that makes for a better East Texas.

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