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First Monday Weekend A Fortunate Weekend

Rusty Wilson, mayor of the City of Canton said on First Monday weekend, the number of visitors can range anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 people.  That's a huge crowd for a town of only 5,000.

Sunday was no different as all those shoppers headed to the Trade Days site, but things certainly could have changed, this past weekend.  Friday, cars and travel trailers were rolled and trees were split in half when a tornado hop-scotched across the grounds.  Wilson said his city was very fortunate.  He said there was no way the city could have fully prepared for what happened Friday. 

"We were watching the radar, and we knew what was coming in, but we were only under a thunderstorm watch, so we did not expect any tornadic activity," said Wilson.  Wilson said the National Weather Service reported no expected tornados, and the one that touched down did so quickly.  By the time warning sirens went off, the tornado had already done most of its damage.

"Had it hit any of the pavilions in the middle, we probably would have been in a lot of trouble," said Wilson.  It's a chance he said he does not plan to take in the future. 

"Tomorrow, we'll review all of this to find out where we are and how we can improve, if we can," said Wilson.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.


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