Litter Maid: Does It Work?

It could mean for cats what indoor plumbing has meant for people. You've probably seen the Litter Maid on TV. Several decades after the self-cleaning oven, someone has come up with the self-cleaning litter box. The Litter Maid Plus is a hundred dollar, kitty litter scoopin' machine, or so it says. Bob Kemper agreed to give it a go in front of our cameras, although we're gonna let Lucky give it his first official "go" off camera. We had it set up in about 2 minutes. For the most part, it comes fully assembled. Just add premium clumping litter and turn it on. At first it was working a little sluggishly, but Bob thinks it's our mistake. "I think it's got too much litter in it," says Bob. "I think I need to take some out of it." We got the level below the fill line and tried it again. This time, the rake got through with no problem. "Well, we'll see what happens with the cats when we get them to try them out, but from everything I hear they're good units." We poured in some water and started waiting the 10 minutes it takes for the raking action to begin. Two electronic sensors start the clock once the activity inside the stops. It worked like a charm. "It looks a lot more sanitary for the side of the human being," says Bob. "There's a box here that has a receptacle. You open up the box. You pick this thing up. And wah-lah. You throw it out. I really think it's going to work. It might take a little time for the cats to get used to. We're hoping for the best." About a week later we checked back in with Bob to see how it was going. He also says you'll want to keep the box away from the parts of the house where the bedrooms are located, because it does make some noise at night. But does it work? Did the cats go for it? You bet they did. They love it. And that's enough for us to give the Litter Maid a "yes"!