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5/2/08- Arp

Freedom Fighters: Cody Propescu

Arp Elementary School is thousands of miles from Bolad Air Force Base in Iraq, but it's evident that the kids here appreciate thier country and its military. The heros' homecoming they gave thier principal's son Cody Prospescu, his fiancee Roya Thomas, and friend Colin Baker can only be described as "awesome". The students designed tee shirts, wrote esays, made posters, and yelled and sang with patriotic fervor to welcome the Airmen.

Cody and Roya met in basic training and when both were deployed to Iraq, their love blossomed. Roya says it was "fate". The couple will be married this weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama, but the welcome they received in Texas will be with them always.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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