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5/02/08- East Texas

New Information On Murder Of East Texas DPS Trooper

While the manhunt is over, law enforcement is trying to piece together everything that happened from the night Trooper Scott Burns was killed until Thursday's suicide. Friday morning, 36 year old Jennifer Petrick, Robertson's girlfriend and alleged accomplice, was arraigned on drug charges. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane shows you how investigators say the only person who may know all the facts is telling them conflicting stories.

Jennifer Petrick was with Robertson through the whole ordeal, and an official source said that includes the night Robertson fatally shot Trooper Scott Burns. We have exclusive video of Petrick's arraignment Friday morning. She's being held on a 5,000 dollar bond for a marijuana charge, plus two parole violations in Marion County.

Law enforcement investigators said she's giving them different stories about what happened. They were out again Friday trying to uncover clues and find the shotgun Robertson used to kill Trooper Burns.

"Scott was such a fine young fellow," said Cass County Sheriff James "Trooper" Estes.  "Everyone just thought the world of him."

Dragging a nearby private pond and hacking through thick brush, law enforcement tried to locate the murder weapon that took one of their own.

"We're just devastated about his death," said Estes. 

Friday morning we also got an exclusive first look at the blue Dodge Intrepid that Robertson was driving the night he shot Trooper Burns. Inside were a TV, clothes, food and blood stains. Petrick and Robertson were living out of the car and sleeping in an abandoned barn before they were tracked down and cornered.

"The helicopter was circling above him and he told us he's calling 911 and told us if we didn't back off that he was going to kill the woman," said Estes. 

Robertson eventually took his own life with a single shot to the head. As for Petrick, it looks like she'll be sitting in jail for some time. Estes said Petrick will be transferred to the Marion County jail, and the Texas Rangers may file charges of their own.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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