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First Time Vendor Lives Through Tornado

Canton Trade Days is normally a vendors paradise, but Friday paradise had an ominous cloud hanging overhead. For Skip Abner, it created a first trip to Trade Days he will never forget.

"We had just finished setting up our booth over here when all the sudden out of no reason whatsoever, the wind started getting really high and I walked three feet away from the booth at that point and side turned back around and looked there went the table and majority of the flowers and took off up in the area," said Skip. 

As the storm strengthened and formed the tornado, Skip and his employees took cover.

"He saw something coming jumped immediately into the van," said Skip,"He made it just in time before something could have hit him and busted out the window here."

Skip said he can't believe how fast it blew through.

"We were just finishing up our stuff and that's when it hit. Pretty devastating," said Skip. 

Three of his tables went flying, along with $3,000 of his merchandise, losing half of it somewhere between here and someone's front yard.

"I'm glad were safe. That's what's most important is that we are safe," said Skip, "It was crazy."

After the clean up, Skip is ready to go right back to doing what he came for. Skip says he will decide after this weekend if he will come back next month.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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