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Tornado Rips Through Canton First Monday Trade Days

"I turned around and looked and the tail end of the tornado was coming out here. It picked up a truck and flipped it over on the road, taking tents and swinging them everywhere," said Brian Boyd, a witness, "We had a table come through the tent right here."

It was at 8:15 Friday morning that the tornado came through Canton Trade Days, and it was gone within a matter of minutes.

"It was like a light rain and probably 30 seconds later it came through. There was no warning at all. It was here," said Boyd. 

"It's just horrible. Everything blow out completely," said George Landa.

Within minutes, emergency crews arrived on the scene.

"The fire department responded to the command post. We started receiving multiple calls on power lines down and trees that were broken. We had an over turned vehicle on Highway 19 in front of the East gate there were power lines down," said Charles Bazhaw, Canton Fire Chief.

The sheer terror of the storm even sparked some medical emergencies.

"We did have some medical calls. We transported a couple that had heart attacks," said Bazhaw.

 "You will never see something like this. (I) wasn't really sure what else to do but stay safe and try to help everybody else at the same time," said Boyd, witness.

Within minutes the entire storm was gone and all that was left was damage.

"If I would have been sitting there minute, or a minute and a half before I would have been right in the path of it. I just count my blessings," said Boyd. 

In Canton, the fire chief tells us there were just two injuries. One of them was from one of three major car accidents during the storm. The other was related to the storm itself. Neither was life threatening.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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