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4/30/08 - Tyler

Outdoors Not Quite Big Enough For Vilade's Drives

Mathew Vilade remembers giving up on the short game, and starting his climb towards the Long Drive Competition.

"I just said, I think I might be wasting my time with this putter," Vilade said. "I put it in the bag and grabbed my driver."

With his natural power, Matt, nicknamed "Hoss," soon found himself hitting onto the tour, and hitting out of almost everywhere else.

"I was hitting off the back of the driving ranges, into bank parking lots and into restaurants." he said. "I was asked to leave many driving ranges and not to come back."

"I have to drive a hundred miles to hit outdoors, and usually I have to bring my own golf balls," he explains.

So Hoss has to practice his technique inside, with computers tracking power and speed. He's got that to spare, with a record long drive of 473 yards. If only he could go back outside...

"That is my goal, man," he laughs. "Just get twenty acres and just hit it as far as I can, and hit as many as I can."

Until then, Hoss will chase his championship from the inside looking out.

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