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Mesquite Family Shooting Linked To Wanted Tyler Man

It would be a week ago Monday that Michael Turner was added to the KLTV 7 Crimefighters "Wanted" board.

"He's wanted by Tyler police...and wait until you hear why. Turner here must have gotten into some rift with the girlfriend because police say he used his car and continually rammed his girlfriend's car onto a set of railroad tracks and finally into a ditch," says KLTV 7's Christine Nelson from the April 21st report.

It was because of that incident that Tyler police would issue a warrant for Turner's arrest on an aggravated assault charge.

A few days later we got a tip from a Crimefighters viewer.  It reads: "[Turner] is located at 1619 s sam houston road, in mesquite texas 75149"

It's at that same address that Turner's wife, Monique, was murdered this morning.  Her two children were also shot and wounded.

But for days leading up to the murder both Tyler and Mesquite police had been working together to find Turner.

That Crimefighters tip on Turner's location had been forwarded to Tyler police the same day it came in on April 25.  They immediately called Mesquite PD, who went to served the warrant on Monday but Turner wasn't there.

Turner would be arrested two days later, accused of the murder of his wife.

Serious charges now added to his problems with the law in Mesquite and 90 miles away right here in Tyler.

Turner has been moved to the KLTV 7 Crimefighters "Busted" board.

The two children shot have since had surgery. We understand a third child, a 6-month-old, was also in the home but was not harmed.

Christine Nelson reporting.


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