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Soldier Says Goodbye To Family Before Deployment

As a child, Tommy Rae always wanted to join the Army.

"Ever since he was little bitty, he has had that type of attitude that feels nothing is impossible for him," said Tonia Fletcher, Tommy's mother. 

In January 2007, Tommy joined the Army and is now headed to the war in Iraq.

"There are really a lot of bad people over there, and we need to get over there, fight for everybody and come home safely," said Tommy. 

Tommy's been stationed in Alaska, and is home to see his family for the last time before returning for training and preparation for Kuwait in September.

"I haven't ever been there yet don't know what its going to be like. Searching houses, doing patrols everyday, kicking in doors, finding bad guys basically," said Tommy.

He knows it's going to be tough, but with the support of his family he's knows he will make it through.

"I miss him everyday. I think about him all the time. Each time he comes home it gets harder and harder to let him go," said Tonia.

"I'm not afraid of him going over there. I'm proud of him going over there because he is standing up for something he wants to do. I'm about the proudest dad there ever was," said Alex Rae Sr., Tommy's dad.

Through prayer they know Tommy and all the other young men and women fighting for our freedom will be under God's watchful hand.

"Protect him, and bring him back home safely. I just pray for him everyday and that is what keeps me strong," said Tonia. 

Tommy leaves for Kuwait in September for a one year term. He is not the only East Texan in his company, a young man he knows by the name of Quick from Spring Hill will also be going.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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