East Texas Bishop Discusses Dallas Conference

Even after last week's "Bishop's Conference" in Dallas, some Catholics nationwide still wonder if their churches are any better safeguarded from sex abuse cases.

East Texas' bishop Alvaro Corrada witnessed all the debates first hand.

Since he and other bishop's ended the conference, there's been controversy over some of the bishops' decisions, especially when it comes to dealing with priests accused of sex abuse.

"The decision of the bishop is to remove them totally from any connection to the ministry as priest. And they will not dress as priests or present themselves as priests in any way."

But some Catholics have called for the complete defrocking of these priests.

Bishop Corrada says they're moving slowly in that direction, but only the Vatican can defrock a priest.

"I think the "holy see" and the bishops are determined that those abuses will be kept out of all ministry for sure," he said. "These priests will not minister again in the church as priests. And they will be defrocked in the proper due process that will be established."

Bishop Corrada says the first step is making sure sex abuse cases are reported.

"If a priest commits a crime in civil law, especially sexual abuse of minors in particular, the bishops will tell the authorities about it. We will report it, and that's in the charter we came out with."

Carrada says the church has to deal with its own sins, and hopes the victims will find peace in time. "I want to thank the victim-survivors. Many of them have kept for many years demanding justice, and I feel that now they can move on and deal with their lives and continue the process of healing and reconciliation."

At least one bishop in San Antonio, says he will ask the Vatican to defrock all sex offending priests in his diocese.