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04/30/08 - Tyler

All-Way Stop To Be Put In At Old Bullard And Chimney Rock

The City of Tyler Traffic Engineering Department will be installing a new all-way stop at the intersection of Old Bullard Road and Chimney Rock Road on Friday, May 2, 2008. 

These new STOP signs are intended to enhance the overall safety at the intersection.  As with any new traffic control device, motorists should exercise extra caution when approaching this intersection until all drivers become familiar with the new device.

An all-way stop traffic control device is typically utilized when traffic volumes on the two intersecting roads are similar.  The intersection previously had stop signs for traffic on Chimney Rock, but not for Old Bullard Road.  Because traffic volumes on Chimney Rock have increased, an all-way stop is now a viable alternative.

The City has periodically received citizen requests to perform traffic studies on the intersection.  Studies have been done several times; however, the most recent study found that an all-way stop is now warranted.  The intersection was warranted for this device based upon traffic volume as well as crashes.  There were six collisions at the intersection in the last year.

When reaching an all-way stop, drivers should come to a complete stop.  The driver arriving first has the right to proceed first.  Should drivers arrive simultaneously, always yield to the car on the right.

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