Gilmer Gasoline Prices Lower Than Surrounding Cities

Gas prices are on the rise again this summer, but you can find a good deal if you're willing to travel. We found unleaded gasoline going for a $1.21 and a $1.22 in Gilmer. That's compared to as much as a $1.35 in Gladewater, Longview and Marshall. Customers say it's worth the drive to get the lower prices. The owner of a Stop a Minit says it's become a price war. Each time he lowers his price, the other gas stations do the same. Every store in Gilmer had lower gas prices than surrounding cities. All lower than a $1.30 a gallon. Again, the lowerst prices we found were at the Stop a Minit and Brookshries at a $1.22 and a $1.21, respectively.