Gilmer Gasoline Prices Lower Than Surrounding Cities

If you're looking for the best prices on gasoline in East Texas we may have found them.

The owner of one convenient store in Gilmer says it seems there's a bit of a price war going on in the Upshur county town.

People from all over East Texas are making their way to Gilmer to "fill-er-up!".

Unleaded gasoline at the Brookshire's is $1.21 and just down the street at the 'Stop A Minit' convenient store it's just a penny more.

That's compared to at least $1.30 in Longview, Gladewater, Marshall and Tyler.

East Texans have taken note, "I drive all the way from Gladewater to Gilmer about every other day and buy gas because they're anywhere from 10-15 cents cheaper than Longview, White Oak, Gladewater and anywhere else," says customer Jerry Loyd.

Stanley Garner says, "I was passing through and I told my wife I said these are lower prices here and I whipped in here right quick."

" I knew that the gas was the cheapest here and I've been looking for the cheapest price and I had heard that in Gilmer it was better so that's why we drove here to get the best price," says another customer, Lisa McClain.

While customers come from all over East Texas to buy their gas in Gilmer one owner of a convenient store in town says that when he lowers his prices other stores in town follow suit.

" If we drop our prices brookshires has a pricing strategy that no matter what we do they're gonna be a penny cheaper than us. It's just the way the market is set in Gilmer, says store owner, Jimmy Coulter.

With the current economy that may be difficult for gas stations in Gilmer to try and continue to compete.

But in the meantime East Texans are reaping the benefits.