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4/29/08-Anderson County

Neches ISD Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Pills From Students

They are supposed to teach your children right from wrong, but one East Texas teacher's possible addiction to prescription drugs may have landed her behind bars.  Last week, the Anderson County Sheriff's Department arrested a Neches Elementary School teacher after she allegedly stole prescription drugs from a student.    

"I mean it is something you don't play with," said Neches ISD Superintendent Randy Snider.  It all started with a phone call from a concerned parent about a week ago.  Snider says she told the school pills were missing from her child's prescription medication bottle, and she wanted to know why.

"We didn't know who was taking them," said Snider.  "We didn't know if they were being ingested, or being sold.  That was one of our major things that we needed to see."  So, Snider says the school decided to take matters into its own hands.  Three times a day they began counting the pills in the bottle, and they didn't stop there.

"We purchased a video camera and put it in the nurses room to see who it was," said Snider.  What they discovered was one of their own, Special Education teacher Lisa Minton Kubena, 48 allegedly stealing pills right out of the nurses office.

"It would make you sick at your stomach just to know that one of your teachers was doing it," said Snider.  Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor says Kubena later admitted to stealing the pills from the nurses office, which he identified as Adderall, a medication for children with ADHD.

"From the best we can tell and from her statement, she uses them for personal use," said Taylor.  "She had medical issues and possibly up to six months ago she started taking a few pills."  A few grew into 13 because Taylor says that's how many went missing right before her arrest.

"That's a lot of pills," said Taylor.  "It's unfortunate someone has that kind of problem." Fortunately, Taylor says Kubena can now get some help, thanks to some smart detective work by Neches ISD.  

Kubena has been put on administration leave until the investigation is over.  Superintendent Snider says Kubena has been with the school district for five years and have never had problems with her in the past.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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