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Pain At The Pump: Filling Up Your Tank With What You've Got

Gas prices are getting higher and higher, but many of you find yourselves visiting the gas station more often than you'd like.  Why? Because some of you simply can't afford to fill up all at once. As KLTV 7's Tracy Watler explains, many of you are filling up your tank only here and there, with just the money in your pocket.  

High gas prices--they're "painful," "crazy," "outrageous," "ridiculous" - whatever word you choose, they're here to stay and only getting higher.

"That's too much to have to pay to fill my tank up," says Kennedy Eneh of Tyler.

And that's why many of you simply aren't.

"I mean just can't afford to fill up, you know, it's 40-50 bucks just for this little car to fill it all the way up so I really, I just put 20 bucks in," says Hank Yost of Tyler.

If you just look at the pumps at gas stations, you can see one person only bought 20 dollars, just filled up 5 gallons and at the pump just across the way, only seven dollars, filling up just two gallons.  It just goes to show people aren't filling up their tanks all the way.

"Put a little here, a little there anytime we can," says Adam Caldron of Tyler.

"Can't afford to fill it up all the way," says Kristina Tidwell of Tyler.

"I have never seen it this high," says Edna Elliott.

She works as a clerk as a Texaco station, she says gas prices are all anyone talks about.

"What are they going to, they ask me.  I say I don't know, I don't know," she adds.

Edna says she sees people every day, just buying what they can.

"I've had so many that come in the past month and count change, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters....all of them say this is all I can afford," she says.

And if prices get too much higher, gas stations may be seeing a whole different "E"...for "empty lots."

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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