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04/28/08- Sulphur Springs

Parole Protest Victory For East Texas Victim's Family

After sending countless parole protest e-mails, and writing state representatives, Elaine Wells, the mother of Marcus Wells, has some bit of relief. 

"I felt all along that it would pay off, that's why I've been so determined throughout this. It started locally with just talking to people and then it grew to letters, and my space, and radio. Now, it's just gotten huge. I never thought it would get to this point," said Wells.  

Because of Elaine and the Sulphur Springs community's pleas to keep Juan Garcia behind bars, his release date is now on hold.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will now review letters from the families of both the victim and defendant before deciding when to let him out, but it doesn't end there.

Once Garcia is released from prison, he will be turned directly over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who could decide to deport him back to Mexico. While Elaine says this decision scares her, Hopkins County DA Martin Braddy says it is almost as good as keeping him in prison.  

"Obviously, we want him to stay and sever his sentence, the next best thing would be that he does get deported. And it looks like the Federal Immigration Customs Enforcement is going to do that," says, Hopkins County District Attorney, Martin Braddy.  

"My fear in deporting him is he'll be right back. He has friends here in Sulphur Springs and family in this area. Whose to say he won't be right back," said Wells. 

Wells says that fear won't stop her from fighting for justice for her son.

"Garcia may be in prison watching this show, seeing my face, and it's scary. No part about this has been easy from the moment that 3 a.m. knock on the door happened. I just feel it's my part as a mother, to stand by my son.  If this is part of it then that's my calling," said Wells. 

A "calling" that came just in the nick of time. And will keep Garcia behind bars, at least for now.

Congressman Louis Gohmert sits on the immigration committee that oversees I.C.E. He told KLTV 7  he wants to make sure that Garcia is not released on the streets of East Texas, but into I.C.E custody.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.  

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