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Snake Bite Coincidence Brings Two East Texas Strangers Together

One lives near Hawkins, the other in Tyler.  But this past weekend, they were joined not only at the hip, but at the fingers. 

Julie York said she was walking from her car to her house when she felt a prick on her ankle.  

"I turned around to bend over and wipe my hand on the ground to see what it was, and that's when my little friend got a hold of my finger," she said.

That little friend turned out to be a copperhead snake.  After striking her ankle, the snake bit Julie again on her on her right index finger.  The ordeal landed her in a hospital room at ETMC.

"It felt like there was a balloon blowing up inside my finger, but it had fire in it," said York.

It was an experience her soon-to-be new roommate became all too familiar with.

Billie Bowen said she was digging in her flower bed when she thought she hit her hand on a fence nail.  "I put my other hand up to feel at the board when I noticed the snake's head was right there by this hand." 

Bowen's copperhead struck her on two of her right hand fingers, and she landed in the bed right next to Julie's. 

"It's been fun to have her in here because I was like, I'm not the only one," said York. 

"She was a day ahead of me so she told me what to expect," said Bowen.

And as they both recuperate, they're hoping to never see anymore copperheads again.

Layron Livingston, Reporting

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