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KLTV Taken Inside Busted Mobile Meth Lab

Meth - it's a drug taking over our nation's rural areas. But now, several hundred grams of it are off the street, thanks the Winnsboro Police Department. They busted Don Turner, 44, of Iowa, while he was cooking meth inside his RV. Monday KLTV 7's Tracy Watler takes you inside his mobile meth lab.

Inside a cramped 1980-model RV, there are thousands of matches, over-the-counter medicines, practically all Don Turner needed to make six containers of liquid meth.

"We busted him in the act of, as you can see the top layer is some of the ingredients," Captain Roderick Hashaway points out.

Pictures taken the day of the bust show just how Turner reportedly created the drug, something, police say, he knew how to do very well.  

"He's been arrested in several states, like Florida, he's from Iowa, looking at his criminal history he's been charged in another state with the exact same thing," Hashaway adds.

Turner's mobile meth lab was parked in lot one of the RV park, just 20 yards away from the fence to Winnsboro's City Park where kids and families alike said they could smell the chemicals coming from his trailer.

"Something could have blown this thing up and a lot of families could have been killed," Hashaway says.

And that's why neighbor Dee Bonner says she's thankful police found the lab when they did. 

"I mean, it could have blown up anytime during the night with me and my son in the trailer or during the day when I was asleep and stuff, and it's just - you never know what happened," she says.

But police know what happened, telling us Turner used a pull trailer to sell kites out of - all as a front to what was really going on inside the dangerous lab on wheels.

Right now, Turner is charged with felony manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. That charge carries a minimum 15-year prison sentence if he's convicted. Turner's bond is set at $750,000.

Tracy Watler, Reporting tracy@kltv.com

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