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A Better East Texas:The Really Inconvenient Truth

The global warming crusade initiated by Al Gore seems to be "heating up" again. Now I've got to be honest with you, I barely passed my college science classes so I do not consider myself an expert on global warming.

But I am a business man and I know a little bit about public relations. I also know a good way to make money when I see one.

And that is exactly what Mr. Gore is pulling off, a good way for him to make money. You see the whole global warming scheme revolves around something called greenhouse gasses. Anything that creates energy, creates these gasses. Large companies create gasses in mass quantities and you and I do it driving our cars.

Now here is where his business scheme comes in. Mr. Gore has a created an investment firm with some heavy hitters that will profit substantially should more strict government regulations be enacted or alternative energy sources be mandated to combat global warming. I have no problem with Al Gore's passion for this cause.

I don't even have a problem with him making money from it. That's what makes America great. What I do have a problem with is, neither he nor the national media have explained the "inconvenient truth" of how Al Gore will make lots of money if more regulations are created to combat global warming.

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Viewer Comments:

Mr. Streit,

Recently watching KLTV news, I saw your editorial piece in regards to Al Gore, and the profit he makes from Global Warming.  I quickly remembered our previous exchanges of emails and I could tell by the caution in presenting your thoughts about Mr. Gore that your attitude towards him has changed.  But I still think that you have not watched his movie. 

So once again I will say that it is hypocritical of you to use your position in our society to attack his credibility with out first listening to his message.  I would think the ethical thing for a reporter to do would be first listen to his presentation then determine the legitimacy of it.

In regards to your question of his ethics, making money from global warming, I will admit left me pondering for some time.  I will admit the thought of him profiting from it is somewhat perturbing, but how different is it than a pastor, reverend, or preacher?  Do they not do the same?  Do they not preach similar sermons, and live lavishly from it?  I assume that this is part of our human existence; we give our support to those who can help us avoid our fears.

Let me ask you, who else should profit from Al Gore's efforts?  Who else should sit on the boards of companies dedicated to the eradication of Global warming?  Who has more experience or insight than Al Gore himself?

I ask you, I challenge you, to watch his movie.  Please before you receive some other email that belittles Al Gore and you feel compelled to question his validity once again.  I feel you owe your viewers the decency of putting in some investigation in to your broadcasts.


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