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Family Seeks Halt To Inmates Parole

    An East Texas family is pleading to anyone in state government, to help keep a man scheduled to be released on parole on Tuesday in jail. In 2004, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Garcia and seven other men brutally kicked and beat a Sulphur Springs man with a baseball bat. Garcia has served half of his five year sentence.

"I want someone to listen to me," says Sulphur Springs resident, Elaine Wells.

    Friday, Wells got a phone call from the state crime victims office. Juan Carlos Gonzalez Garcia, the man who brutally beat her son, would be released by Tuesday or Wednesday.

  "It took the agent a couple of times to tell me because I just knew this was not going to happen, but she said he was going to get out and furthermore he may not even be deported," Wells said.

   "Garcia is a violent individual he's involved in narcotics, narcotics trafficking use he's got tattoos indicating membership in Latin King street gang this is one of the most violent people we've dealt with here to think that parole is going to let him out without serving his sentence is outrageous" says District Attorney Martin Braddy. 

   22-year-old Marcus Wells, suffers anxiety over Garcias release.

"As of today I still look over my back and watch my back, I pay attention to peoples facial expressions," said Marcus.

     Garcia admitted to nearly beating Marcus to death. Because of his injuries, Marcus life has never been the same.

  "I'm having to deal with like trying to find a good job because I can't pass a physical. I'm deaf in one ear," he said.

  "I would call it criminals rights, those rights my own son does not even have" said Elaine Wells.

   Elaine was told only higher authority, a congressman or senator, can stop the parole.

"This needs to happen Monday morning the frustration I don't know a senator personally what do you do," she said.

"What's to say he's not going to do it again," said Marcus.

    State officials have told the Wells family that, although Garcia is an illegal immigrant, he may not be deported after his parole. The Wells family said right now they are trying to get help from a state representative or congressman.  

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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