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4/26/08- Van Zandt County

Close to 100 Sex Offenders Rounded-Up In Van Zandt County

Some local law enforcement woke-up early Saturday morning to round-up nearly 100 sex offenders in Van Zandt County.  KLTV 7 rode along and found out how this extra step of precaution is helping keep the streets safer for children.

Going from door to door of registered sex offenders, 99 to be exact, across Van Zandt County, who are required to check-in with authorities.

"This is before school is out; this is before our children hit the street," said Van Zandt County Sheriff Pat Burnett.  "That's the reason we do this, to keep our community and children safe."

"It's going to tell them how old his victim was, and the sex of his victim," explained Deputy Donna Still in an early morning briefing with local police departments.  Authorities checked all the sex offender's identification and made sure the sex offenders aren't breaking any violations.

"If we have an offender who's not in compliance then we have a dangerous mix," said Burnett. 

"No kids live here right," asked Still to one of the registered sex offenders.  Most of them are found to be in compliance with state laws but law enforcement said it's worth the time and effort, if they find even one in violation who's a possible threat, and get him or her off the streets.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department said it found two sex offenders who moved and warrants will be issued Monday for them.  They also have thee more that could not be verified.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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