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4/25/08- East Texas

Miranda Lambert Accuser Now Facing Charges Herself

The woman who claimed she was assaulted by country singer Miranda Lambert is now in jail, charged with filing a false report.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department has apparently found enough evidence to disprove the accusations that Lambert pushed her in a bar last Saturday night.

Thursday, we heard from a bartender at that club, who said Lambert never touched the alleged victim, Aisha Esbay, and that caused Esbay to get back in touch with us, wanting to clear her name and agreeing to show her face. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane talked to her just hours before her arrest.

Coming out of her shadow Friday, Aisha Esbay insisted she's telling the truth, that Miranda Lambert pushed, shoved, and verbally assaulted her."

"The interview yesterday made me look like I was a liar," said Esbay Friday. 

Ironically, two hours later, she'll be charged with "filing a false report to a police officer." Thursday we interviewed April Lewis, who was bartending that night. She said Lambert never touched Esbay.

"Miranda was pointing at her and stuff," said Lewis.  "She might have been a little ugly but as far as pushing her and putting her hands on her that never happened."

And Friday Esbay fired back. So confident, in fact, she said she was willing to take a polygraph test.

"I had no reason to lie," said Esbay.  "I'm getting nothing out of this but a big headache."

I asked her if she had any regrets.

"Are you sorry you filed that report? No, no I'm not," said Esbay.  "I mean, it needed to be done, I did the right thing. Hopefully in the end the truth will come out."

For now, that truth has landed Esbay behind bars.

Esbay is now being held in the Smith County Jail on a charge of "Filing a false report to a police officer." That is a class "B" misdemeanor.

Now, we talked to Miranda's father and he said they knew it was a lie from the beginning. They want to thank the officers for all their hard work on this case.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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